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advanced study yoga therapy

10 -14 april 2017
with Anneke Sips

De Nieuwe Yogaschool,

the yoga therapy conference

let’s celebrate 


11th May, 2017
Zuiderkerk, Amsterdam

svastha yoga therapy

the complete program 

29 april – 3 may, 2017
module 4 with Ganesh Mohan 

De Nieuwe Yogaschool, Amsterdam

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the art + science

of yoga integrated in healthcare

Network Yoga Therapy builds a global platform for education and support of our Network of (young) health care professionals and yoga lovers.

It’s a common sense-based arena firmly grounded in traditions of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, an ancient text that represents the basics of most yoga practices nowadays.

We plow the earth of personal and professional growth, building bridges, facilitating meet-ups and finding common ground.

We hold space for anyone who can contribute to the cause. From any yoga lineage, any field and position in healthcare, any expertise and any perspective.

Network Yoga Therapy is thé hub for you, a conscious leader of change!