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Network Yoga Therapy unites.

Network Yoga Therapy is an arena where you meet mind-like people.


A place where we gather together and find scientific back-up of the ancient wisdom of yoga. It’s a common sense-based platform firmly grounded in traditions of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, an ancient text that represents the basis of most yoga practices nowadays.


We plow the earth of personal and professional growth, building bridges, facilitating meet-ups and finding common ground.

We hold space for anyone who can contribute to the cause. From any yoga lineage, any field and position in healthcare, any expertise and any perspective.


One of our main goals is the creation of a global network of yoga and health care professionals who can learn from each other and easily connect for cooperation or exchange of experiences.

The other big part of NYT is  contributing to the dialogue on official standards for yoga therapists as a growing profession.

We are a hub for those who work towards client-centered and compassionate healthcare.


Network Yoga Therapy educates.

We offer high quality programs and work with the world’s leaders and experts in the fields of yoga, yoga therapy and healthcare.

We teach you how to tap into your own wisdom from within and mindfully make moment-to-moment choices based on skills, knowledge and experience, when working with clients.

We inspire  you as a professional, to support a person without judgement, to change themselves and become empowered to live more authentic and meaningful lives.

Network Yoga Therapy serves.

We facilitate professional development and networking opportunities. We serve by bringing yoga into a clinical setting.

We are here to make a difference, and not only in the field of healthcare and yoga. That is why promoting social change is an important part of our vision.

We support women and girls everywhere, female entrepreneurs in developing nations, and many more.

Working with Network Yoga Therapy means that you support the following cause: Odanadi | United against human trafficking. NYT helps raise awareness about their mission during the Conferences.

We hope to see you soon online or in person!




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