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Anneke Sips is the founder of Network Yoga Therapy and The Yoga Therapy Conference. She is an explorer and bridge builder in the field of yoga therapy and mental health. 

She’s been working in the field of psychiatry as a registered nurse for the last 19 years, while practicing yoga. To connect her two passions, yoga and psychiatry, was her dream ever since. But she wasn’t sure how to bridge the gap.

She taught a little bit within psychiatry but in 2010, after returning from Rwanda (where she volunteered teaching yoga to traumatized women HIV+) she was more motivated than ever to bring yoga into her work. Knowing the challenges of integrating the mind-body approach of yoga into the clinical environment, she felt the need to connect with like-minded people and build a community around that common goal.

That’s when the seeds for Network Yoga Therapy (NYT) and the international Yoga Therapy Conference (YTC) were starting to root.

She began organizing small meet-ups, which grew into a Network and in 2015 the first international annual meeting was born in Amsterdam.

Anneke completed her first teacher training in 2006 and keeps deepening her yoga knowledge throughout the years. She focuses on the therapeutic aspects of yoga and by studying and practice she become an teacher, educator and mentor specialising in yoga for mental health, especially trauma and psychosis.

She is grateful to be able to study and collaborate with world renowned yoga teachers A.G. Mohan, his wife Indra from Chennai, India. And, their son dr. Ganesh Mohan and daughter Nitya Mohan who both live in Singapore. She is dedicated the teachings of the yoga sutra’s and Krishnamacharya through this beautiful, humble and loving yogic family Mohan.

From her hometown Amsterdam, Anneke and her team are facilitating everything you need if you wish to merge yoga and healthcare too, in your unique way: a yearly conference, some of the best online and in-person learning experiences, a large and daily growing supportive Network and private mentoring.

Besides all this, Anneke is a multi-passionate mum also loves to write, dance and explore the world. You can find her in a museum, at the beach or snuggling away with a good book and a fresh Chai at the couch.

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Everyone who knows Anneke will tell you she has a big heart, a gentle soul and a determined spirit. In her work and life she always makes sure to empower those who feel like they lost their voice and holds space for love, compassion and growth for all.

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