‘Krishnamacharya said:
‘Treat a women, like a flower’


yoga for women

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As women, we undergo various physiological changes from our teens to later years. These changes impact our mind and body in several ways in different life situations. Understanding the essence of yoga and adapting it to suit us will greatly help in overcoming many of the issues that we face in our lives.

This program will focus onindra_drawing

  • Understanding the classical perspective on yoga for women.
  • Menstruation, pregnancy and menopause – yoga through them all.
  • Understanding our strengths as women.
  • Emotional well-being and mantras, especially for women.
  • Enhancing and empowering women through the effective practices of yoga.



Nitya Mohan


July 9 from 09.00 – 15.00

De Bonte Zwaan
Haparandadam 7
1013 AK Amsterdam


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lijntje100Nitya Mohan

Daughter of A. G. Mohan and Indra Mohan, is the director of the Svastha Yoga and Ayurveda training programs in Singapore. She has been teaching for nearly three decades now. She nityatransparentholds a degree in music and is an exponent of Sanskrit and Vedic chanting. She has taught seminars, trained teachers, and performed all over the world including US, Europe, Australia, and Asia. She is an exceptional singer known for her purity of voice. In her holistic teaching, she blends together a unique combination of classical yoga, music, mantras, and Sanskrit.