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Network Yoga Therapy builds a global platform for education and support of our Network of (young) health care professionals and yoga experts and educators. It’s a common sense-based arena firmly grounded in traditions of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, an ancient text that represents the basics of most yoga practices nowadays.

We plow the earth of personal and professional growth, building bridges, facilitating meet-ups and finding common ground.
We hold space for anyone who can contribute to the cause. From any yoga lineage, any field and position in healthcare, any expertise and any perspective.

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svastha yoga | sound in yoga &
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7 - 8 July, 2017
with Nitya Mohan

'De Bonte Zwaan'
Haparandadam 7
1013 AK Amsterdam

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yoga therapy
advanced study yoga therapy

10 -14 april 2017
with Anneke Sips

De Nieuwe Yogaschool,

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yoga therapy​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
'communication that connects' 
yoga, psychiatry and finding your voice

launch date: June 19th 2017
host: Anneke Sips (RN)

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The Yoga Therapy Conference is the yearly Celebration of the Network. It was founded by Anneke Sips in 2015 and the latest event marked its 3rd edition. This is where we meet:  A Network of like-minded, mostly professionals in yoga and / or healthcare. Nurses, doctors, physiotherapists, other therapists and off course yogi’s and researchers as well. People who feel like bringing the tools of yoga into their work field. Into healthcare. Therapeutically.


"Come as you are, teach as they are"
Anneke Sips. Founder of Network Yoga Therapy and The Yoga Therapy Conference. She is a multi-passioned nurse with almost 19 years of hands-on experience in complex psychiatric care, Her insight comes from practice, experience and excellent teachers and mentors. AG Mohan and Indra Mohan teach her all she needs to know about yoga and with her creative mind she blends this together into a grounding and sensitive yoga therapeutic practice.

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